His Beautitude IGNATIOUS 1V HAZIM , the Patriarch of Antioch and all East had granted Mrs. Siham Tarik Abu Samra the Medal of the sacred Saints Peter & Paul in the rank of Grand Commandor , for her perfection and services to the church. For that purpose her husband Tarik Abu Samra hosted a lunch at the Phoenicia Hotel 9/01/2009 attended by the archbishop Lucas Khoury the representative of His Beautitude, the Patriarch of Antioch an all East , who decorated Mrs. Siham Abu Samra in the presence of Archbishop Elias Kfouri who made a speech about the Abu Samra Family and their attachement to their roots in Marjeyoun.

Also attending the party: Ministers Marwan Hamadeh, Tarik Mitri,Yassine Jaber, Anwar El-Khalil, Mahmoud Hammoud, and the British Ambassador in Lebanon and Majida Al-Roumi Lebanon superstar, Lady Raya Daouk, Dr Ghaleb Mahmassani, Mr Mazin Salha and other friends & relatives.